Give Your Baby the Benefits of a Rich Nourishing Bone Broth.

Why is Bone Broth so Important to Your Baby's Health?

Bone broth is an intensely nourishing food that has been around for thousands of years. Ancient civilizations knew the value of simmering animal bones for hours to get every scrap of minerals out of them. This liquid gold is still the easiest way for the human body to absorb vital nutrients.

The Ultimate Baby Food

According to the Weston A. Price Foundation, this magic broth is the foundation for good health. That's what makes it such fantastic food for babies. If your broth is made correctly, it will look like gelatin when it is fully cooled. 

This gelatin is the best baby food. It is pre-digested through the cooking process so the vitamins and minerals are easily absorbed. It also strengthens the immune system and builds strong bones and muscles.

Introducing Bone Broth to Infants

Now, just because you think broth is amazing, that doesn't mean that your baby is going to agree with you at first. You need to introduce it to them slowly and be prepared for them to reject it the first few times. 

You can start by using it as the liquid base for porridge or pureed veggies and meats. Use a small amount like a tablespoon at first to allow their system to get used to it. If they have diarrhea, discontinue it for a couple of weeks to allow their digestive system to catch up with the program. Then keep introducing it in small amounts until they adjust. In time, you should be able to give them a sippy cup of broth in it. 

Other Benefits of Broth

The calcium, magnesium and phosphorous in broth are in a form that is the easiest for the body to absorb. This means your baby will be able to use it to build strong bones and teeth. Calcium and magnesium are also natural sleep aids and pain relievers meaning that both you and your baby will sleep better at night. Teething will be easier for your baby as well.

Broth also builds up the intestinal lining so your baby will have a better digestive system. This will help to reduce gas and colic symptoms. It will also prevent your baby from developing food allergies.

The collagen, chondroitin, and glucosamine in this rich broth promote healthy skin and joints. Your infant will need these vital nutrients in good amounts during the upcoming growth spurts.

When to Start Feeding Your Baby Bone Broth

You can introduce broth to infants when they first start solid foods. You need to be careful that you are using it as a supplement to breast milk and solid food, not as a replacement. However, as the baby is weaned off breast milk, broth can be used more often to balance out baby's diet.


 Give your baby the benefits of a rich nourishing broth.

The broth is Good for Mommy (and Daddy) too. 

This rich broth is good for breastfeeding mothers as well. In fact, if you drink broth during your pregnancy and subsequent breastfeeding, it will prepare your baby to drink it on their own.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding can be hard on a woman's body. A lot of minerals are lost during this time. If your diet is not rich in calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus, then your body will use its own stores. This can put you at risk for osteoporosis later on in life. Bone Broth will supply those minerals and give your body the nutrition it needs during this critical time. It's also easy to sip it throughout the day so you can keep up with all the extra work of taking care of your little one. 

The broth is also a valuable ally in the early stages of pregnancy when many women struggle with nausea. Because it is so easy to digest, it can provide a lot of nutrition even when nausea keeps you from eating other foods.

So join the countless generations of women who knew the secret to healthy families. Give your baby the benefits of a rich nourishing broth. It will lay a strong foundation of health that will last a lifetime.

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