About Us

Who's In the Kitchen?
Born in a small Canadian farming community, Chef Dyann Manning was raised by parents who embraced a vegetarian and alternative medicine lifestyle. Throughout her upbringing, Dyann was taught that the body was meant to heal itself through nutrition and thoughtful living.

From an early age, Dyann loved cooking. She was preparing meals at age 12 and had her first restaurant job at 15. This passion for food took her across the US, working at many different styles of restaurants under a wide variety of chefs. In 2000, Dyann graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York.  Then, in 2011, Dyann took the leap with her first restaurant endeavor...a gourmet food truck, Devilicious.
A combination of savory healthy food available at a moment's notice, Devilicious competed in (but didn't win) The Great Food Truck Race (Season 2), which catapulted the business to local fame in San Diego. This led to a feature on Eat Street, followed by the opening of her first restaurant with her husband Mark Manning, Wich Addiction, in 2012 and by demand, a second location in 2016. 

At every junction in her lively career, Dyann has remained true to her roots in alternative healing. She was an early adopter in the belief that bone broth is a building block of healthy living and a necessary elixir for optimal wellness. However, Dyann has always been disappointed in the bland, flavorless quality of most bone broths on the market. 
It wasn't until Dyann met renowned San Diego acupuncturist Eileen Han while seeking treatment for health issues that the idea to create a tasty, fresh, and delivery-ready bone broth started brewing. Together, with Dyann's skills, experience, and creativity and Eileen's knowledge of healing and Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Wunder Bones Soup Company was born. From our hearts to your home, we offer the delectable goodness that makes staying healthy a delicious treat every day.