This is no ordinary deli! Wich Addiction is the ultimate foodie destination for go-to breakfast and lunch specialties. We use only the very best quality ingredients to make you the most delicious, unique, and unforgettable sandwiches and salads. Locally sourced, daily baked bread, house roasted meats, fresh seafood, crisp greens, and just-ripe vegetables are delectably topped with signature handmade aiolis and dressings. Absolutely everything is made from scratch and to your order specifications. We are always happy to accommodate gluten sensitivities and most dietary restrictions.
At Eileen Han Acupuncture, we’re personally and professionally invested in your healing and care journey. We approach every patient’s condition with a thoughtful, thorough treatment plan to ensure holistic, long-­term relief. Our well-seasoned staff members extend a compassionate, individualized approach to each patient, every step of the way. Through one-on-one attention and fine-tuned assessment of your changing needs, we provide the very best in Traditional Chinese Medicine  
Branding, Marketing and Hosting for Success! Our team of independent artists and experts in their respective fields, drives your business to be more successful. We believe the best way to do this is to evaluate each section of your business from a branding, marketing, and hosting or web presence perspective. We then apply tried and tested techniques and applications to get your message out there, with the most cost effective and direct methods.